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I elevate conversations to produce elegant digital footprints and experiences across touchpoints to the benefit of my clients and, ultimately, their users.

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From Hawai‘i to India to Sweden, roles include art director, creative lead, digital designer, copywriter, studio coordinator, and data architect.

Over 7 years put together award-winning campaigns, massive online catalogues, 15,000 commercial images, and worked with name brands such as Tetra Pak, Seagrams, Miller, Mondelēz, and Nestlé.


Creative AD/CW with an entrepreneurial spirit, strong visual sense, and broad design vocabulary.


I’m eager for a challenge. I’m looking for a creative and strategic position with a high degree of freedom to help established firms develop new market areas.

I’m just a person in the world. I don’t know everything, but I’m curious. I want to know more. After all, it’s a big world.

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I’m independent and confident. I’ve got a bit of experience. I’ve been around. It’s not a numbers game but I’ve been a designer for about 8 years. I’m about ideas. Pixels are important, but they’re not always what the job is about.

James E. McDonough

“Design isn’t crafting a beautifully textured button with breathtaking animation.
It’s figuring out if there’s a way to get rid of the button altogether.”

- Edward Tufte

Art Direction

A great idea starts somewhere.  From a lifeless brief to a bouncing, beautiful concept ready to be embraced.  Every pixel is, and always will be, pushed with love.

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Blood, sweat, and broken gear.  Painstakingly correcting for lens distortion, flares, light blooms, background blurs.  Omitting defects and altering the fabric of spacetime in a digital photon-receptor and on a light emitting diode display.  It’s a lot of hand waving with an unreasonably expensive bag of tricks that makes one believe in magic again.

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Massaging reality, here and there.  Like a gold panner, sifting for kernels of truth in a muddied stream of unconscious noise. And, suddenly – gleaming beneath the surface – a moment of shining clarity emerges.

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“A professional is one who does his best work when he feels the least like working.”

- Frank Lloyd Wright