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I elevate conversations to produce elegant digital footprints and experiences across all touchpoints for the benefit of my clients and, ultimately, to their users.


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I run small to mid-sized projects with minimal oversight to generate effective results within reasonable timeframes. My strengths are in providing quality creative direction, leading colleagues, working directly with clients, and staying on track with budgets and timelines – and I want to get better.

I’m independent and confident. I’ve got a bit of experience. I’ve been around. It’s not a numbers game but I’ve been a digital marketer, designer, and writer for about seven years. I’m about ideas. Pixels are important, but they’re not always what the job is about.


James E. McDonough


I’m Swedish/American. I like to lead by listening and by example. I like people, but I can be a little bit of an introvert.

I’m a punk who shows up on time. I’m organized. I make things happen. I make sure projects stay on budget, and I take deadlines very, very seriously. I have opinions on communication, design, and strategy and I will articulate them. (I’m not afraid to tell the CEO when they’re saying something that doesn’t make any sense.)

I’m just a person in the world. I don’t know everything, but I’m curious. I want to know more. After all, it’s a big world.


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I offer clients a voice. My services include marketing concepts, corporate identity and branding, campaign management, and online advertising.


In short, a presence.

“Design isn’t crafting a beautifully textured button with breathtaking animation.
It’s figuring out if there’s a way to get rid of the button altogether.”

- Edward Tufte

Art Direction

Great ideas evoke action.  From a lifeless brief to a bouncing, beautiful concept ready to be embraced.  Every pixel is, and always will be, pushed with love.

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Capturing Spacetime

The right image can alter perceptions of events.  Award-winning visuals with corporate-level attention for clients around the world.  Let’s make history.

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It’s a completely engaging conversation.  To give a voice and presence to an idea.  Clear. Consistent.  With compelling messages that enrapt audiences.

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“A professional is one who does his best work when he feels the least like working.”

- Frank Lloyd Wright